Why it is important to have clean Air Filters.

Having a clean air filter for your HVAC system is very important for a variety of reasons, including comfort, energy efficiency, protection of internal components and longevity of the unit. For the best performance of your HVAC system, the air filter should be inspected and changed once a month during periods of heavy use. Changing the air filter is a relatively simple task. The air filters are usually built into a specific compartment and it is just a matter of sliding the dirty one out and a new one in.

Choosing the Correct Air Filter for your HVAC System.

Most HVAC air filters range from minimum efficiency rating value G4 – F9 and capture 80 percent of the smaller micron particles. The higher efficiency filters H10 – H14 can capture up to 99 percent of the tiniest airborne particles, including pollen, bacteria and fumes.

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